Cute Horse Hospital

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Cute Horse Hospital Game Online - Play Free Fun Horses Flash Games

Cute Horse Hospital is a fun online game where you get to treat horses as they come into your hospital. It is a cute game and the graphics are great. The animations are also wonderful, so get ready for an exciting time. Start the game and accept your first patient. You will see sign which will tell you which room it has to be taken to. Drag the horse across the hospital until you come to the correct room. The hospital is larger than the screen, so you scroll through by taking the patient to the ends of the screen; the animation will move and stop when you click on the correct room. When you put the patent inside the room, the game will zoom into the room, where you will follow the instructions given to you by the assistant in the game. If the horse needs examination, them you should do so, find out what the ailment is and then give the proper medication. The horse will be very grateful and will gallop out of the hospital then you can wait for the next patient. If the horse needs physical examination, you should do so, and if you find an injury that needs physiotherapy, then you should do so according to the prompts in the game; there will be circular motions and also lateral ones, so the horse can get better. Once the horse is cured, it will jump up happily and gallop away. The game also allows the grateful owners of the animals to come and give you letters of thanks. This is a lovely game and it will keep you occupied for a long time. Soon the patients will come in large numbers and you will have to work very fast in order to attend to all their needs. You are the horse doctor so take good care of your patients. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Cute Horse Hospital Game Online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game. A horse doctor, otherwise known as an Equestrian Veterinary Doctor is the person who takes care of a horse's medical needs. Horses do get ill, and are affected by diseases just like any other animal. However, this is one doctor who has specialized in this field and he will quickly diagnose what is wrong with the horse. Horses are delicate and sensitive animals and they need regular medical checkup. This is to ensure that hey do not get disease from other horses when they go into competition etc. Apart from diseases a horse needs to be checked for injuries. The fetlock of a horse is very delicate, and sometimes a small tumble can put the horse out of commission for ever. The horse must therefore be checked for any fractures that could lead to a full fledged break. In this game you get to be such a person and you take care of the sick horses at the clinic. This is a great and noble profession, and you may just as well begin believing that one day you could be a vet for horses. This is a fun free online horse game that will help you while the time away.

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Do you like horses, and do you also enjoy to play horse flash games online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free online Cute Horse Hospital flash game right now. Am I correct? ;)

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