Bubble Frog

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Bubble Frog Game Online - Play Free Bubble Frog Flash Games

Bubble Frog is a delightful free online bubble shooter game which you shall enjoy playing due to its great animations and graphics. In the game, you are supposed to match any three or more bubbles containing tadpoles in order to remove them from the game. When you remove the bubbles, they move one step lower; this is not a cause for concern, since the bubbles really explode very well. There are only two types of bubbles and they are packed tight, so when you hit them right, you clear almost half the field. After each successful removal, more are added. There is a big show that is pushing the tadpoles down and you should make sure that it does not trample on you. Apart fro the two colors, there is a glowing black bubble which you shoot at any color of bubbles and it will remove them. In the stack, there are bubbles which will multiply your score when the counter comes on which the multiplication factors starts to go down; you should look for these since they can multiply your score by up to 8 times. In the game you have three lives so when the bubbles get to you, you do not have to worry so much, and you can continue enjoying the game. There are also other ones which will add you points by a certain factor, and they countdown from 150, to 100, then 50 and finally 0. This is a free online bubble blasting game that has a lot of goodies. This will make you appreciate the game every time that you play it. It would not be a wonder if you played and stopped noticing time; it will be like time has stood still for you as you enjoy this lovely game. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Bubble Frog Game Online

Use your mouse to play this free online game. Aim and click to shoot.

Play Bubble Frog Flash Game Online for free Today

Do you like frogs, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Bubble Frog flash game online. Am I correct? ;)

Why Frogs are interesting

Frogs are interesting creatures since they can live in and out of the water. Their amphibious nature allows them to hide in water when there is danger and come out to bask once the danger is past. They start their lives off as tadpoles, and slowly undergo metamorphosis into adult frogs; it is a wonder to watch. Sometimes children capture the tadpoles and keep them until they become frogs and this is a marvel to them. Anyhow, many schools have class projects where children learn about the frogs that they keep. This lovely free online bubble shooting game allows you to shoot down bubbles by bringing three of the same kind together. The animations are so lovely, that you may have to stare at the cute tadpoles before you actually get started. If you do have a little time on your hands, you should play Bubble Frog and see how many levels you can clear before you get engaged again. This is a free online bubble blasting game that you can enjoy when you are on your lunch break, or when you are having a snack at home. Just make sure that you do not forget the time passing and find that you have spent the whole night playing this online game.

Fun Facts about Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble Shooter Games immerse you into addictive game play and amazing graphics. The goal of these online games is to shoot colorful bubbles, balloons, and marbles to score big points. There are bubble shooters designed for players of all ages. This video game genre is known for challenging levels with a different themes featuring quick action and arcade style game play. Usually you use your mouse our keyboard to aim. Bubble Shooter games are known to let you race against the clock, challenge an opponent, or beat a personal best.

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