Viking War

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Viking War Game Online - Play Free Fun Vikings Flash Games

Viking War tells of a story of survival of the Viking race. There is a lot of poverty in the Viking kingdom, brought about by too much thirst, and also irresponsible intimacy which has led to more births than expected. The Vikings are at the end of their tether and they decide to send some of their best warriors to look for places where they can plunder and get some food, water, wine and space to get them out of their situation. The Vikings wander for many months before they come across an imposing fortress. Upon inspection, they realize that the fortress belongs to a tribe of Orcs, who is spending the day on the beach enjoying the sun after a terrible winter. The fortress is full of food, wine and other treasures. The Vikings can hardly believe their luck, and they hurriedly collect all that they can and leave the fortress. In the melee, one of the Vikings loses his helmet, and when the Orcs come back, they realize that their treasure and supplies were looted by the Vikings. The Orcs prepare for war and descend on the Vikings. Basically, Viking War is a angry birds type of fun online game. I guess it will also fit into the tower destroying category as you are supposed to protect the looted items from the attacking Orcs. Armed with a sling, you are supposed to shoot down the fortress and kill the Orcs. Make sure to put some focus into your aiming as you only have 3 shots. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Viking War Game Online

Use your mouse to play this free online game. You need to shoot down the fortress and kill the Orcs. In order to do so, you should click near the slingshot, and then drag the mouse to get enough power behind your shot. You are also supposed to use the mouse to indicate the elevation of the shot. If you aim too high, the shot will go over the fortress so you need to focus on the physics involved. The shot that you take will be marked on the free online game and this gives you the opportunity to adjust your next shot. There are only 3 shots available.

Fight against Orcs whom you have just plundered

Viking War is an interesting online game where you fight against Orcs whom you have just plundered. You and your team of vikings stole some of their treasures, to take back to your people, who are starving and on the verge of being overpopulated. The Orcs have fortresses and you have to bring them down so you can proceed on your journey home. Bring down the watch towers using three shots in order to proceed. If you are not happy with your score, you can play the round a second time. You only have three shots to bring down the towers using boulders which you shoot from a sling. Using your mouse, you should determine the angle of the shot, and also the power that the boulder is catapulted at. If you aim too low and use a low force, then your shot is wasted. The best strategy is to use maximum force and get the angle correct so you can bring down the tower in a single shot. The fewer the shots that you use to bring down a tower, then the higher your score for that round will be. As you proceed through the game, you will be shown a map detailing your progress and you can see how many more towers and regions you need to conquer before you reach home.

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Do you like vikings, and do you also enjoy to play viking flash games online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would experience a lot of fun if you play our free online Viking War flash game right now. Am I correct? ;)

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