Thrower Goblin

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Thrower Goblin Game Online - Play Free Fun Towers Flash Games

The Thrower Goblin is a flash game where you are attacking a tower that has several knights. In the first level, there is only one tower, but in other levels there are other towers which have been placed in different regions and at different elevations. The goblin is trying to get past the guards or knights while on a mission to infiltrate the city that they guard. This is quite the opposite from most other games, where the knights fight against the goblins. The goblin operates a sling which throws boulders at the towers. Whenever you shoot down a tower, the knights' spirits are shown leaving their bodies and you earn points in that manner. Brining down a full tower has more points than bringing down part of it. All the shots that are remaining accumulate per level. So if you use one shot in the first level, you will have more in the second level. You should use the diagram next to the slingshot to determine when to release the boulder. Click on the game using the mouse, drag it and release it depending on the trajectory that you want it to follow. This is not an easy task since the points of release have a lot of difference even if they are microseconds apart. For this reason you may have to play the flash game severally before you get the hang of it. This is the ultimate test of how you can control the mouse, depending on what you observe. There are no guiding trajectories after you have made a shot and there are chances that you may make the same shot even in the next play. This is what makes the game very difficult to play. However, you should rise to the challenge and ensure that you go through as many towers as you can and see what your score is. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Thrower Goblin Game Online

Just use your mouse to play this free online game.

In Thrower Goblin you are playing the part of a Villain

If you love attack games, then this is a game that comes with a twist. You are playing the part of a villain and you are supposed to break down towers where armed guards wait vigilantly. You get good points when you bring them down using the least number of shots. Making the shots is a delicate balance what you observe and the reflexes of your fingers. By looking at the diagram next to the slingshot, you should know when to release the mouse so you have a clean shot. If you are accurate, then you will proceed very well, but for most players, it may be necessary to repeat a certain level several times, before they fully know how to control the sling. This is what makes the online game interesting; you are trying to get the towers down, and the guards are probably laughing at your efforts so it is very rewarding when you finally bring down a tower, and proceed to destroy more. As you proceed, you can even say to yourself, "Look who is laughing now". This is a great way to spend a boring afternoon, shooting down towers and watching the ghosts of the guards rise from their bodies.

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