Ninja Dogs 2

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Ninja Dogs 2 Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Flash Games

Ninja Dogs 2 is constructed just like its predecessor Ninja Dogs. As a player, you will find yourself in the role of ninja dogs that fight against evil cats. The goal of this artillery flash game is to completely destroy the cats. For this, a dog is fired from a cannon aimed at a cat. The cannon is placed in the right position with your mouse and with a click of the mouse the cannon is then fired. The trajectory of the last shot will still be visible to see so that you can adjust the flight path accordingly. You need to make sure it stays the same if you were successful before or make some adjustments in order to reach a better end result. Of course, you should try to hit the cats in Ninja Dogs 2 with as few shots as possible, knowing of course that practice makes perfect. This fun online game is rather addictive and you will find yourself playing during every free minute. Of course there are many different levels that each offer different degrees of difficulty. However, with each level you will be able to aim better, which will make the more difficult levels even more fun. The menu lets you choose between the different levels and you can of course also view your high score in Ninja Dogs 2. Here, your performance is compared to that of the other players, letting you know exactly where you stand. The tutorial will help you in selecting the correct setting during the first level so that you can destroy all the cats. This fun flash game will never get boring and even your friends will surely enjoy playing this game. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Ninja Dogs 2 Game Online

Use your mouse to play this free online game. Move your mouse to adjust your cannon's angle and power. Click to launch the dog. Click while the dog is in the air to launch its special attack. S key to zoom out. A key to pan left.

First Aid and Fighting Dogs

The use of dogs as fighting dogs has a long history. Already in the early days, dogs were abused as fighting dogs during warfare in order to assist with the attack on enemies. The dogs were partially covered in armor and equipped with fixed knives or torches that were pointing upward. In this way, quite a number of enemies were injured. Others had to take care of the dogs and could not focus on the attackers themselves. A further use of dogs in war was first aid dog that would track down the wounded as well as dogs that supplied soldiers with ammunition.

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