Artillery Rush

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Artillery Rush Game Online - Play Free Fun War Flash Games

If you love playing war games, then this is the perfect online flash game for you. You will be able to choose whether to play as the allied forces or the invading forces. This ensures that you play the side that you love the most. Your aim is to wage war and protect your territory from your enemy. There are many types of ammunition which you can use for various purposes. There re those which you use to take care of an individual target, those that can destroy a large area since they are deployed in large numbers. There are those which you can use to destroy bunkers and those which you can use to attack paratroopers while they are still in the air. The beauty of this free Artillery Rush game is that it mimics real warfare, so you get to feel like a true soldier or commander. The enemy is hiding behind bunkers and trenches, and some are in lookout towers. You must destroy the enemy using the least amount of ammunition. For every enemy that you kill, you get 100 points and for every ammunition that you are left with you get 250 points. This means that it is better for you if you use the least amount of munitions in your campaigns. You need to first look at the way your enemy is spread pout, and also the ammunition that is loaded in the gun. The loaded ammunition is shown in a circular window in the bar which is below the online game. You must be very accurate when you are releasing the mouse button since any slight shaking of your hand will lead to poor results. Artillery Rush is a flash game of precision, and you need to coordinate your eyes and hands properly in order to excel; try to be as good a planner as the great generals of World War II were. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Artillery Rush Game Online

Use your mouse to aim and shoot in this fun flash game.

Annihilate your Enemy in this World War II game

If you love playing games about World War II, then this is the perfect online game for you. You get to select which of the two armies you want to be; wither the allied or invading forces. The free war game is about strategy as you decide how to annihilate your enemy. The enemy has holed themselves up in bunkers, trenches, and towers which you must bring down before you are out of ammunition. There are several types of ammunition in this game and you should plan your attack based upon which ammunition is loaded in the gun; there is a small circle at the bottom of the flash game that shows you which ammunition is in the gun. If you have the one that kills paratroopers, then they are the ones you should aim at first. If it is loaded with a scattering bomb, then you should aim at a place where there are many soldiers. The same rationale should be applied to all the other situations. Every level presents you with different challenges so you should be prepared to formulate new strategies at every turn; you have to be a dynamic leader and soldier who is not ready to give an inch to the invading army.

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Do you like Angry Birds style games, and do you also enjoy to play a war flash game online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free online Artillery Rush flash game right now. Am I correct? ;)

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