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Did you enjoy watching "Dirty Harry"? This was a movie about a policeman who was always angry and did all in his power to bring thieves and criminals to justice. The Angry Policeman game follows the same tenets. You are a policeman who is in pursuit of thieves and they end up hiding in some structures. You are in possesion of a catapult with which to launch police heads at the criminal heads and finish them off. The criminals are ingenious and look for more complicated places to hide as you go up the levels. In each level, you are given three shots to bring down the criminals. And failure to that you will have failed and let the crooks get away. In this free online game, you can see the full scene and this makes it easier to aim at the towers and bring them down; in other games you have to scroll across the whole scene, making it hard to remember the exact placement of the various parts of the structure that you want to bring down. This is a great flash game for those who are just starting off playing angry birds games. When you hit a criminal, you get 1,000 points, and these will be displayed as notes or coins; does this mean that you are a dirty cop who is taking the stolen loot for himself? That is anybody's guess. When you bring down the structures, you also get some points, although they are not displayed on the screen, but you will see them being counted on your score card. The fewer the shots that you use to bring down the criminals, the higher your bonus score, so you should try your best not to waste any shot. Plan and see how you can manage the whole task using a single shot to bring down the structure and the crook. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Angry Policeman Game Online

Use your mouse to play this fun flash game.

A game Fans of Cops and Robbers will Love

This is a web game that fans of cops and robbers will really love to play. You are a policeman who is responding to a robbery alert. You rush after the thieves and they go into hiding. In this fun flash game it is up to you to get the crooks out of their hideouts and bring them to book. The fact that the scores are shown in the form of currency does not necessarily mean that you are a dirty cop, bringing down criminals and keeping the loot. The main aim of the online flash game is to have fun getting to the crooks. Just like in any other angry birds type web games, you have to come up with the best shot so you can accomplish the task without running out of ammunition. You have three shots at every level so you have to make every one of them to count. Ideally, you should use the least number of shots, but if this is not possible, just do not run out of ammo, or you will fail in your mission. Drag across the screen with the mouse, to determine the force and direction of the shot and then release the mouse button to shoot. You can also see the whole scene in one screen so this should make it easier for you.

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Do you like animals, and do you also enjoy to play a flash game online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would experience a lot of fun if you play our free online Angry Policeman flash game right now.

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